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BOOST BEYOND Science Symposium: Where Curiosity Meets Learning

The BOOST 14th Science Symposium, held at the Duke School of Medicine's Great Hall on May 4, brought together 17 squads of middle school scholars who had spent months delving into intriguing questions alongside Duke graduate mentors. From exploring NASA rocket launches to understanding the mechanics of fireworks and the effects of tsunamis on different types of buildings, these scholars were driven by a love for learning and a thirst for knowledge.

During the symposium, families and friends gathered to provide a supportive environment for the scholars, who showcased their projects in an awe-inspiring setting. Utilizing concepts from robotics to 3D printing, they crafted miniature self-driving cars and walking robots, and even designed dragsters. Each project was accompanied by a hypothesis, data collection, and experimentation, fostering lively discussions and leading to diverse conclusions.

The scholars eagerly shared their discoveries and setbacks, demonstrating resilience and a commitment to the learning process. Through this experience, they also honed their presentation skills, preparing them for future endeavors.

While the scholars may not fully grasp the impact of their participation, the symposium allowed the audience to witness their enthusiasm for science and their personal growth. Program Director Douglass Coleman highlighted how they were seizing the opportunities they earned.

BOOST is part of a larger STEM ecosystem, which aims to ignite passion for science among young people and encourage them to pursue careers in medicine and related fields. Specifically targeting students from underrepresented communities such as African American, Latinx, and Indigenous students, as well as girls and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, BOOST strives to provide equitable access to educational opportunities and inspire the next generation of innovators.

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