Meet our team

Kelly G. Fernández

Kelly G. Fernández, M.Sc. - Board President

Kelly grew up in Arlington, VA and experienced a whole-child education, which focused on internal character and fortitude alongside the academic challenges. She received both her undergraduate degree in Health Systems Management and Master’s degree in Health Policy from George Mason University. Kelly is currently the Associate Vice President of Public Affairs at the Healthcare Leadership Council, an alliance of the nation’s leading healthcare companies from all health sectors. She has a passion for creating close-knit communities and has been on the board of her children’s Parent Teacher Association, is currently a representative on Fairfax County Public School's Health Advisory Committee, and is on the board of a newly established soccer club for youth in her area.

Bernadette Goyette, M.Ed. - Board Member

After growing up in Arizona, she attended Thomas Aquinas College in California graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts. She completed her Masters in Teaching degree at the University of Virginia with a specialization in secondary mathematics. She has researched Montessori as a way of education for her children.  Since then she has become a certified catechist for Levels I, II, and III for the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and certified teacher for the Lower Elementary level for ages 6 to 9.   Her involvement with Montessori and CGS has included roles as a parent, founder/administrator/catechist of an atrium, and consultant. She is a board member of John Paul the Great Montessori Academy.
Bernadette Goyette
Mary Pat Schlickenmaier

Mary Pat Schlickenmaier, M.Ed. - Board Member

Educational consultant

She is an Adjunct of the Catholic School Leadership Program since 2020, where she provides the knowledge, understanding, and application of the conditions and dynamics impacting a diverse school community. She is a University Supervisor at the University of Phoenix and a Adjunct Faculty University Supervisor and Adjunct Faculty at George Mason University. She was the Principal of Saint Rita School for 21 years.

Maria Belén Quellet - Executive Director

Belén has a BA in International Relations. She lived in India and the Philippines just after graduating, where she volunteered for three years in health and education projects. Upon her return to Argentina, where she is native, she joined Red Solidaria as a volunteer and international aid coordinator. She worked as a journalist and program manager at La Nación newspaper foundation in Buenos Aires, to later become Social Media information specialist at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires. She acted there as Liaison Officer with other sections and became Grant Officer representative. She was selected to become HelpArgentina's Executive Director to help expand fundraising opportunities abroad for NGOs from other Latin American countries, and successfully transitioned the organization into PILAS, Portal for Investment in the Latin American Social Sector. From there she moved on to working at a new media startup, RED/ACCION, as Engagement Editor and Membership coordinator. She was a Senior Communications consultant with The Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Maria Belén Quellet
Mary Pat Schlickenmaier

Julieta Jauregui - Researcher

Julieta Jauregui, a Doctor of Sociology and Graphic Designer, is a creative interdisciplinary thinker. Co-founder of Acton Academy Falls Church, she's experienced in creating innovative STEAM-based programs and nature-based experiences and establishing STEM-focused partnerships. 

Julieta has traveled extensively through more than 20 countries. While living in Argentina, she provided advice and emotional support to families with recently diagnosed children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her eclectic and empathetic background allows her to foster a nurturing educational community.

With a background in emotional support for families with recently diagnosed children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Positive Discipline training, she fosters a nurturing educational community. Julieta is fluent in English and Spanish, with intermediate proficiency in Portuguese, and with multicultural competencies.  Beyond her professional achievements, Julieta advocates for her non-verbal autistic son and successfully homeschooled her daughter, who is now in college.
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